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60 for 60 - Notes to all participants...

Saturday 23rd September at 11:00am

Sunday 24th September at 10:00am

Ahead of the weekend here are just a few simple notes to observe.


General, Run, Ride and Walk events;


We have very limited shower facilities available, two modern shower units were installed in the warehouse last winter. These will be open after each event on a first come, first served basis. We recommend all participants bring some warm, dry clothing in any case for after each event.


There are approximately 20-25 entries for each of the run and the ride, with 6 for the 5k walk on Sunday.


Hot food will be available in the gallery after each event, please feel free to join us and enjoy time in the gallery.


The Henry Surtees Foundation..........with perfect timing the HSF took down their Just Giving link last week for an update. One or two of you have tried to set up pages without success. My apologies, but this, like the weather, is beyond our control. If anyone does want to make a donation we can accept cash or cheques made to the Swift Gallery on the day. Among recent HSF sponsored activities

have been the provision of equipment for wheelchair rugby, disabled angling and specialised wheelchairs for children. In addition HSF continues to raise funding for those affected by brain injury and for airborne emergency blood transfusions required in road traffic accidents. It is a great foundation to support.


The weather forecast looks Ok, so I am hoping we can all make a great weekend together. Thanks for your support.


Run/Ride/ walk gently and long!

Want to Donate?

Visit our just giving page by clicking

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If for any reason the link isn't working please visit and search for 'Swift Gallery' in the search box.

1. 10k jog, Saturday morning.


We start at 11 am.


For safety reasons could we ask all runners to register at 10.45 am in the Gallery.

The course is a continuous loop, with one or two main roads to cross, so please take care.


There is an option to stop at the half way point and to be transported back to the gallery. I suggest leaving a warm top/ trousers at registration if you plan to do this, so that we can have them ready for you in the vehicle.


Whilst it is not a race, I appreciate that we all run/ jog at different paces. All being well, we should have someone who knows the way round running at roughly the following paces;


8 min/ mile, David Morrey

10 min/ mile. Diane Buckley

12 min/ mile Jonathan Lawson

14 min/ mile Terry Mottram

Our main aim is to get everyone round safely, so hopefully between us we can

manage things. For all you 5 minute milers just make sure you know the way!


We are planning to have two water stations, one at just before the half way point

and the second around the Gordon Banks statue by the football stadium, at approx

4.5 miles. Both marshals will have vehicles nearby for anyone wanting to stop at

those points.


The course finishes at the beginning of Elswick Road, on the way into the Gallery.

2. 50k Ride, Sunday morning


Start at 10.00am from the Gallery


Please register in the Gallery at 9.45am.


Anyone wishing to leave bikes/ gear overnight at the gallery on the Saturday is free to do so, but please note that we will be at the gallery only until about 3pm.


We advise all participants to bring water bottles and any favourite in-ride snacks with them. Water itself is available from the gallery kitchen.


There are about 25 riders entered, so we are planning to ride the first 3-4 miles gently together until we get to the first climb by Longton Park. Inevitably from this point we will start to split up, but as with the run we should have four or five of us who know the route so we can operate in smaller groups as required. We are planning to have two course cars, one at the front, one at the rear, both will carry water. If anyone needs to stop for any reason then we can get you back to base  easily enough. There will also be other marshals on the course at strategic points,  all with mobile phones so we can keep in touch.


As with the Run, limited shower faciliies are available but you are welcome to use them. Please bring warm, dry clothing for after the event.


Food and drink will be provided after the ride, so please do stay on and replenish your systems before heading home!

3. Sunday Walk, approx 5k.


This is a good option for those staying over on Saturday night and wanting to walk off a hearty breakfast. It is probably easiest now to use The Upper House hotel as the start and finish point. The route is mostly on tarmac road, but with a section along the canal towpath which may be slightly wet, so bring training or walking shoes. We will arrange transport back to the gallery for lunch after the walk, I suggest you bring any overnight bags with you at this stage.

Routes and Maps?

You'll find the maps to all 3 events and a printable sponsorship form below.

10km Run - Saturday

50km Cycle - Sunday

5km Walk - Sunday

Sponsorship Form




Monarch Works

Elswick Road


Stoke on Trent